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Friday, October 28, 2011

Yashin's TRiO Transfer Blog Update!

Hello all of you!!! 

Wow, I can’t believe it is mid-semester already. Time definitely flies by quick. I hope all of you are reaching your academic goals. I know this may be the time where you feel a little lazy, but this is where you should put your all into finishing up the semester strong. The great part of mid-semester is you should have a good understanding of your placement. If you’re not doing as well as you would like to, there is always time for improvement.

As promised, let me give all of you a YASHIN UPDATE!!!

          A few months ago, Michael Houlahan (my TRiO advisor) and I had a long talk about what Universities I should be applying to, for the fall of 2012. His advice was to pick 5 schools, 4 of which are my “Safe Schools” or colleges I felt sure I would be accepted into. Then, have 1 “Dream School”, meaning a college that may be a little competitive to get into. The expression “Dream School” really stuck with me. My Dream school is Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. It has a wonderful Communications program at the New House School of Public Communications. I do have to admit I’m extremely nervous about applying, because I cannot handle rejection at all.  

When I was about 13 years old I had a crush on a boy who lived right around the corner from me. All the girls liked him, but I knew he would be mine. Lol … I had to figure out a way to be noticed. So I tried to do what any clueless 13 yr. old girl would do. I followed him everywhere he went, spoke to his mother when I got the opportunity, laughed at all of his jokes, climbed trees, ate the same candy, I would even go home and change clothes to match what he was wearing. Yes I had it Bad! My older sister told my mother about all of the foolish things I was doing, and of course I got in trouble.
       My mother yelled at me saying, “Yashin, you never, ever Pursue a boy or a man, it is not lady like!” “Pursue? What does that mean?” I asked. Her reply was to look it up in the dictionary. And it was through that experience I learned what it meant to Pursue. Years later it is time to put all of that into effect. I must Pursue my dream school no matter what it takes. I refuse to live in regret wondering what if. In comparison with all of the foolish antics I pulled to get my secret crush to notice me, I have to take the necessary steps toward being accepted into my “Dream School”. So far I’ve called the admissions office and spoken with some of the representatives. I went to the NACAC College Fair (National College Fair) to briefly speak to a representative from Syracuse. Now, I have an interview with them coming soon! I will be putting together a portfolio which entails a cover letter, resume, and transcripts; along with all of the work I’ve been doing which pertains to communications. I have to be noticed!!! What are you doing to Pursue your “Dream School?”

I can’t wait to let all of you know how it goes!

GO and GET IT,


  1. Yashin, I'm excited for you! It sounds like you still have that "in-your-face" personality and you're using it to experience the world and get exactly what it is you want out of life. The world needs more go-getters like you.

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your adventures into Syracuse!

  2. hey, following you all the way from 2990 good luck, keep your chin up back straight and look them in the eyes as if you belong in that program...good luck miss phillips